AVENGERS #325:The One Where Vision Is Gay Raped


Yes, you read that right.  This is the most bizarre issue of The Avengers ever.

Machinesmith is a gay robot-making villain who, himself, lives in a robot body (as seen in the pages of Marvel Two-In-One), and it turns out when a homosexual goes into a robot body, he starts getting wood for male androids.

Very weird.

The story, written by Mark Gruenwald, takes place during a formal reception/party, which proves to be such a ripe idea for stories that Larry Hama (his run begins next) does an extended party-arc in which he introduces Rage and Avengers Cupcakes.  But more on that we when we get into #332-333.  Check back in about a week.

Anyway, Machinesmith knocks Vision out and takes advantage of him, and then there’s an explosive love scene after which we see them spooning…

gay robot sex in comics

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