The latest tidbits on comics and media spawned by comics.  But first, if you’re looking for something to read, and you’re looking for DC not Marvel (then that’s your first mistake!) may I suggest the following: Batgirl/Robin Year One.  Both of these stories have been released as standalones, but now the stories are combined.  Batgirl Year One is easily the best Batgirl comic I’ve ever read, and Robin Year One is some of Chuck Dixon’s best work.  Plus, there’s art by Marcos Martin and you can’t beat that.  Over 400 pages for $25 bucks (reprints BGYO #1-9 and Robin #1-4).  There’s also a new Animal Man Omnibus that reprints Grant Morrison’s entire run—700 pages for $75.  If you haven’t read it yet, you can’t beat that price and it’s one of the best supercomics ever.  That’s not my opinion, it’s fact.  In addition to my suggested reading, I suggest you avoid all DC New 52 trades coming out in the next few months.  DC really has slipped dramatically in terms of quality.
Hit the break for the latest on the tie-in between Runaways and Uncanny X-Force, why you still shouldn’t care about Green Lantern, the latest Marvel creators to go across the street to DC, and much more!

THE ARROW RENEWED.  I tried getting into it, but it was too much like warmed over Smallville for me.  But I’m happy to see a supershow getting ratings.
UNCANNY X-FORCE NEW ARTIST.  Adrian “Runaways” Alphona will be the artist for Sam Humphries’ Uncanny X-Force book starting with issue #5.  It’s Alphona’s first regular comic book job since 2007, when he didn’t sign on as artist for Runaways #25.
GREEN LANTERN NEWS.  Does anyone who reads my blog read any GL book?  I have never liked the title, or its dozens of spin-offs, except for the early part of Geoff Johns’ reinvigoration of the character.  Anyway, ten years after he essentially recreated Green Lantern, Johns is leaving the book and, along with him, DC is changing the creative teams for every single GL book.  Here’s what to expect:
  • Robert Venditti and Billy Tan will head up the main Green Lantern book.  Tan’s a great artist, but I don’t see any of my money going here.
  • Joshua Hale Fialkov, fresh from the underrated and recently cancelled I, Vampire book, will take over Green Lantern Corps and Red Lanterns.  I like Fialkov, but not enough to start reading a book about dudes with superpowered rings.
  • Instead of mercifully cancelling Green Lantern: New Guardians, DC is putting Justin Jordan and Brad Walker on it.  Because Jordan’s recent failures with Team 7 and Deathstroke warrant the chance to fail again.
  • And lastly, a new solo title about Larfleeze the Orange Lantern will come from the brilliant mind of Keith Giffen and the amazing pencils of Scott Kollins.  This is the only one I find intriguing—but I have to admit that Giffen hasn’t written anything in years worth reading.  Threshold, the DC mini that introduced Larfleeze, has been a huge disappointment.
BUT HEY, THERE’S THIS!  A DC series that could be…Awesome?  Greg Pak, the wonderful  writer behind World War Hulk and Incredible Hercules will be writing a new Superman/Batman monthly, with art by the amazing Jae Lee.  The first story arc will tell the tale of when these two lovebirds first met.  It will take place during the Grant Morrison Action Comics years.  Lee is not a name you’d expect to see on a series featuring the Big Blue Boy Scout—he’s won an Eisner in 1999 for the Inhumans series, and was the artist on multiple Dark Tower miniseries—but his darker, more shadowy style might bring some depth to a book that could otherwise be pretty bland.  Two mostly Marvel creators on DC’s two biggest characters?  I think I just committed to spending another three bucks a month.
CAPTAIN MARVEL: GROUNDED.  Remember when JMS grounded Superman?  That was stupid.  Supes just “decided” not to fly, and JMS quit the series before we as readers could care about the concept.  Well, Kelly Sue DeConnick recently grounded Captain Marvel in her truly wonderful solo book.  If you’re not reading it because (a) you don’t like women-centered comics and/or (b) you think Captain Marvel has always been pretty boring or stupid, this is the time to jump back in.  Under DeConnick’s expertly character driven script, the character is much more than a tight suit crammed up the crack of her a$$.    Not that there’s anything wrong with that.  In fact, if it’s Ms. Marvel butt shots you’re after, go here.
TMNT HAS AN APRIL.  Megan Fox, who famously denounced Michael Bay after her work on Transformers, will play April in Bay’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot.  The movie has been very, very troubled, with entire scripts and concepts being scrapped repeatedly.
UNCANNY X-MEN.  Warning: This item has spoilers!  All-New X-Men by Brian Bendis is easily the best Marvel Now! title.  It’s surprising, fresh, funny, creative…but it’s companion title, Uncanny X-Men, is not.  Admittedly, issue #1 was mostly set-up, but the premise is silly and unbelievable (Magneto working with the humans!) and almost certainly fake (Magneto will trick the humans!).  I hope and pray they don’t make it so I have to read both titles to understand what is going on.  Bendis did a good job at keeping the Avengers/New Avengers titles separate, but those involved pretty different casts.  Don’t #(% this up Bendis!
THE WALKING DEAD.  Continues to be awesome.  That is all.

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