The final four issues we look at under this series of “apanelfromeveryFrank…” will be Batman #404-407, also known as Batman: Year One, written by Frank Miller and illustrated by Dave Mazzucelli.

When I decided to do this little series as my first DC comic in the “a panel from every issue” series, I knew this would be the panel for this issue.  I practically have this issue memorized.  I have multiple copies of it, all boarded and bagged.  It’s worth a lot of money because I got a letter printed in it!

Lots of folks would have picked the bat crashing through the window at the end of the comic, and that’s certainly iconic, but what made these four issues so resonant was the time Miller spends on Selina Kyle and Jim Gordon.  In fact, the book is more about them than it is about Batman.  And making Selina an S&M dominatrix was absolute brilliance.

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