My first news post under the new administration. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss. Literally.

Before the break, I have to say: Come on, just stop. DC is announcing 52(!) variant covers for their new book, Justice League of America #1, one for each State in the US plus two for good luck. This variant cover business is just outrageous. The JLA book will be by Geoff Johns (words) and David Finch (pics), and will feature a “B” team of all the DC characters nobody wants to see plus Green Arrow (Hawkman, Vibe, a Green Lantern, Catwoman(!), Katana, Star Girl, Steve Trevor (ughhh) and Martian Manhunter).

Lots more DC news after the break—which is rare for me, since I’m mostly a Marvel guy, including stuff about the new Vibe book and no less than two blurbs about Green Arrow. Not to mention the non-DC news about John Byrne!

Hit the break!

green arrow sucks

DC is still trying to make Green Arrow cool.

OTHER NEW DC BOOKS. I can’t keep track where we are now. 54? 56? Anyway, February 2013 will bring two minority-centered solo comics. The first, by Andrew Kreisberg and Pete Woods, is about Vibe, an Hispanic who vibrates and breakdances and wears MC Hammer pants. The second, more promising series is about Batman sidekick (on the 2013 DC Nation cartoon) and current Bird of Prey Katana, and will be created by Ann Nocenti and Alex Sanchez.

GREEN ARROW. The new 52 Green Arrow book has been plagued with creative changes, bad stories, and the JT Krul. In February, the sometimes-brilliant (Sweet Tooth, Superboy) and sometimes-boring (Animal Man past issue #5) Jeff Lemire will take over, with art by Andrea Sorrentino (who is doing great work on “I, Vampire”), to see if the DC archer can ever be anywhere as cool as Hawkeye.

ARROW. His comic may suck, but on the small screen, Green Arrow is doing well for CW. I find it pretty dull and already bailed, but I might check in for the upcoming Huntress ep.

FRANK CHO’S SAVAGE WOLVERINE. Advance interviews and press indicates that this book will be as good as Wolverine MAX was bad. In other words, it’ll be an awesome romp through a Savage Land-ish island, featuring Shanna (who, when Frank “Jungle Girl” Cho draws her, is amazing), Amadeus Cho from Incredible Hercules (and who is not related to Frank), dinosaurs, and SHIELD.

NEW JOHN BYRNE. John Byrne is probably best known to new comic readers as the creator of Next Men and the first writer of Hellboy, but before that he did work for Marvel on Fantastic Four that was so good he basically made the characters his own. Not to mention some great early Uncanny X-Men work. With that kind of “big picture” sci-fi pedigree, I’m thinking his new series, “The High Ways,” for IDW stands a great chance at being good. It’ll be a 4-issue mini.

LOCKE AND KEY MOVIES ARE GO. I mentioned last week that Universal might be doing a trilogy based on the Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez masterpiece comic Locke and Key. It’s a go. I suggest you read the comics—a series of miniseries put out by IDW—now, because the movie won’t possibly be as good or detailed, and the comics are the most thought provoking horror comics I’ve ever read. In fact, I tend to hate horror comics, but L&K are absolutely genius.

THE ANSWER! I’m not really into supernatural comics, so most of Dark Horse’s products aren’t my bag—but I’m intrigued by Mike “Battle Plug” Norton and Dennis Hopeless (newly recruited by Marvel for their Cable Now! book) are going to do with a 4-issue mini called, “The Answer!” Mostly because I think The Question is lame, and this book seems like a response to that character: A due with an explanation point mask teams up with a girl nerd and they fight a villain who is a self-help guru in a kind of genre-book. It sounds pretty smart, albeit hard to explain.

THE ELFQUEST MOVIE? Richard and Wendi Pini’s indie comic, one of the most lucrative indie comics of all time, sold the rights to Warner Bros. a long time ago, but the company let their deal go way and now the team of Stephanie Thorpe and Paula Rhodes, who produced an Elfquest short a while back, have purchased the movie rights. Both are primarily TV actors and producers of short films.  Here’s their first take at a movie…

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