This is a Public Service Anouncement . . . With guitar!

I’m one of those people who is underwater on a home loan.  Our “great” President, who I voted for, bailed out the shmucks who sold me the loan and who went out of their way to assure me that everything would be okay in 5 years when the loan exploded–they’d get me another one.  But has he bailed me out?  Or anyone like me?

Fuck no.

It would have cost less–and stimulated the economy more–to take all those hundreds of millions of stimulus money and buy homes for everyone.

Fuckin’ A.

‘Scuse the rant.  Seeing these kids coming home with serious brain injuries and missing limbs and horrible hallucinations can get to you sometimes.  Make you wonder what the fuck is wrong with our leaders.  Oh, wait, I know.  None of them are living with mortgages out of control.  None of them has a kid fighting the war in Iraq who has to tape phone books to his jeep because they won’t spring for body armor.  Thanks George, for starting this . . . And thanks, Barack, for keepin’ it going!

And with your purchase of an unwinnable war and the deaths and maiming of countless young men, if you’re the first 100 people to click the links below, you’ll get downloads of the following great songs!

Uncle Sam Goddamn-Brother Ali

Bombs Over Baghdad (Outkast)-Rage Against the Machine

You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb-Spoon

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