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So, we’ve talked about what’s going on with DC and what’s new with everyone else who isn’t Marvel.

Now, on to the main event.  But first: An editorial.

I know Marvel scored big with its movie announcements, promises of Winter Soldier, Falcon, and more Thanos (and, remarkably, still no talk of Avengers 2).  But on the comic book front, their panels were underwhelming and underinformative.  And why, with all these movies, do they never mention comic books?  Why is there no kid-holding-a-comic in a Marvel movie?  Why no advertising their print line in a little during-the-credits bump?  I actually though Jonah Hex—a terrible movie by any standard—did one thing right: In the opening credits, his origin was told using panels from the comic book.

Here’s my fear: Marvel’s A-List talent either goes to the screen where the money is (see: Brian Michael Bendis, Jeph Loeb, Joe Casey, others) or decides to go indie (see: Ed Brubaker, Paolo Rivera, Matt Fraction), and Marvel starts giving away its comics like pamphlets used to promote movies.  Kinda like what Mark Millar is basically doing, writing 5-issue comic storyboards for films.

Marvel: Remember who made you (and, frankly, who keeps making you—without comic fans and bloggers, you’re toast).  Invest, promote, and produce the best comic books.  Like you always have, frankly.

I guess I’m just nervous.

Hit the break to find out what’s news for Marvel’s properties…


MARVEL NOW!–The Marvel Universe Reboot

By the time I write this article, it may already be out of date.  But I’m not a reporter.  I’m a re-reporter, gossip monger, and opinionator.  About comic books.

And this here column is what I think about the planned Marvel not-reboot/not-relaunch/wave of new #1s coming in October through February.

Marvel never follows DC.  Except when they do.  Both Avengers and X-Men will shake up significantly after the Avengers vs X-Men event…But calling it a reboot isn’t really accuate.  It’s more like a bunch of #1 issues in current continuity.  They’re moving paper to make paper, yo’.

If you ask me, it’s too many shakeups.  We don’t need gimmicks to make comics exciting.  The best Marvel books of the past decade haven’t been brief events that change every couple years, they’ve had longevity: Garth Ennis’ 80-or-so Punisher issues; Bendis and Maleev’s long run on Daredevil (followed by Ed Brubaker’s); Peter David’s X-Factor; Dan Slott’s She Hulk; Brubaker’s Captain America; the rotating “One More Day” crew on Amazing Spider-Man; Bendis’ New Avengers work…It’s not so much “event fatigue” as “why should I care?”  I know in a couple years (or less) they’ll just change it all again. On the other hand, so what?  As long as some good stories and good creative teams are delivered, that’s all that matters.

And, smartly, the Marvel Now! titles will launch over the space of 5 months, giving some of the new #1s the chance to breathe and bask in their increased sales (#1 issues always see a sales spike, even if they’re replacing a book with the same exact title).  Every paper purchase will come with a free digital copy—I wonder if that will impact trade paperback sales?

Right now, much of what will happen is rumor…But that won’t stop me from writing about it.

Hit the break to read about what they’re doing to your Marvel in the coming months…..



This week we got clips of the new CW show “The Arrow” and a 4-minute preview of Spider-Man….

But there’s also news about (another) X-Men reboot, the sequel to Warren Ellis’ RED, the future of Marvel Comics on television, and much more!

Slap that break!



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