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Yes, a new Captain America. It’s been done before, but never as good as Ed Brubaker’s assassination of Steve Rogers/Bucky Cap. I guess Rick Remender got sick of people saying how he was no Ed Brubaker, so he’s having a go at it.

I like Rick Remender’s Cap. I know, I’m in the minority. I didn’t blink an eye at the much ado about nothing surrounding Falcon having sex with an underage girl  (he didn’t), and I thought the Planet Z was a bit too long but otherwise told a great story.

The new Cap, as I’m sure everyone knows by now, will be Sam Wilson. A black Captain America. It’s about time, first of all. Marvel waited so long that it probably won’t even be controversial. After all, we already got a black Nick Fury and a black Hiemdall.

And if you don’t like it, don’t worry. The third Captain America movie is slotted for a May 2016 release, so we’ll have Steve Rogers back behind the mask before that.

In other news….

BUT…YOU’RE BLACK?! In other “suddenly African American news,” Susan Heyward has been cast as Deena Pilgrim in the Powers TV show being developed for the Sony PlayStation network.

AND SPEAKING OF RACE-CHANGES…THE FANTASTIC FOUR MOVIE WON’T BE LIKE THE COMIC. Racial variety in casting already established that, because it looks like movie Susan and Johnny Storm had different daddies, but now we’re learning that castmembers have been told not to read any F4 comics because the movie won’t be anything like that. I guess this is going to be Mark Millar’s big “F-k You” to Marvel. Millar, creator of Kick Ass and writer of a controversial run on F4, is essentially the showrunner for the studio, which also owns Spider-Man, and he’s made no secret of the fact that he thinks he’s better than everyone else.

AND IT’S NOT JUST RACES THAT ARE CHANGING…SHE-THOR! Of all places, Marvel announced the “The View” that Thor will lose his hammer and a woman will pick it up. It will happen in Thor God of Thunder #1 (or All-Newer Thor?), coming in October from Jason Aaron and Russell Dauterman. That’s the team currently working on the fair-to-middling Cyclops solo book. It looks like she’s Angela, who has been revealed to be Thor’s sister, but it may be someone entirely new.

SUPERMAN TO APPEAR ON “ARROW” TV SHOW. Well, not really. But Brandon “Superman Returns” Routh (the movie so bad only one person in history liked it) will portray Ray Palmer/The Atom. Also joining the cast is Robbie Amell, the real-life cousin of the guy who plays Green Arrow. Robbie will play Firestorm. And in other Arrow news, the writers of the show will now be the writers of the comic—starting with issue #35.

AND ALSO MAYBE ON “THE FLASH” TV SHOW. It looks like they’re prepping Arrow/Flash to have a lot of crossovers—maybe more than Buffy and Angel did. That makes me sad because I don’t watch Arrow but I do plan to watch Flash. And I don’t see how I can fit another hour into my TV watching and still have time to play Clash of Clans obsessively like an idiot.

THE RETURN OF KLARION THE WITCH BOY. Who? He’s a magic character created by Jack Kirby in the pages of The Demon. DC Comics is moving Ann Nocenti off of Catwoman and giving her the chance to work with this extreme fringe character, who will be an occult character lurking in Gotham City. She’s written weird supernatural superheroes before, so this might be a good fit for her.

SELFIES AND MONSTERS FROM DC. Next month, all of DC’s comics will have “selfie” covers. Meh. But in October, all the covers will feature the title characters as monsters (werewolves, vampires, etc.). Now that’s a gimmick I can dig.

75 YEARS OF MARVEL. Coming this fall, a history of Marvel written by Roy Thomas (the second Editor in Chief of Marvel, after Stan Lee), that talks about characters and creators. 720 pages, thousands of pictures and original art, and a four-foot-long centerfold showing the history of Marvel. All for $200. I smell a Christmas present.

GILBERT HERNANDEZ DOES WONDER WOMAN. As part of the September DC Digital First lineup, there is a relaunch of Sensation Comics that will include the “Love and Rockets” creator’s vision of Wonder Woman. There are few people who can draw sexy-and-real, Terry Moore and Amanda Conner are the other two I can think of, as well as Hernandez. I can’t wait to read this. For those who prefer pulp fiction, the digital comic will be printed the following month.

ARCHIE GOT SHOT. In Life With Archie #36, the second-to-last issue of the series and the end of his life.

BUCKY BARNES: WINTER SOLDIER. A new series to be written by Ales Kot (“Zero”) and illustrated by Marco Rudy (“Marvel Knights: Spider-Man”), coming in October.

THUNDERBOLTS IS ENDING. I guess Marvel had mercy on us. (Actually, under the new writing team of Ben Acker and Ben Blacker it has gotten somewhat better, but the entire concept was terrible. Just terrible.)

HAWKEYE ALSO ENDING. Which is probably a good thing. I still like it, but it’s run its course. The real question is whether this means that Matt Fraction—who is having lots of success over at Image Comics and recently was dropped from a major Marvel event—is done working for Marvel.



Marvel has been messing with time for the past two years, with just about every comic jumping around the time stream. They’re obviously building to some kind of New 52 reboot, and they’ve hinted that, at least for the Avengers, major time-based changes are coming soon as the book will jump eight months ahead and then tell its story backwards, with each issue coming a month closer to the present day. But unlike DC’s stunt-approach, Marvel is reorganizing its timeline (and product line) organically–and having lots of fun with it. In fact, I thought that DC really missed an opportunity with the Flashpoint event that prompted the new 52: They could have killed every one of their characters, created all kinds of bizarre alternate realities, and just had a blast before rebooting and tightening it all up again.

Marvel seems to be playing it better (but I wish that the Avengers books were higher quality): They brought forward the original X-Men; Deadpool has had a bunch of comics drawn in the styles of other eras; they brought back Spider-Man 2099; Hulk jumped through timelines for a while; Thor told three stories of past, future, and present…All cool stuff.

And Marvel’s 100th anniversary celebration, a bunch of books about what Marvel’s publishing line might look like in 2061, promises an Avengers book by none other than indie favorite James Stokoe, whose advance art is phenomenal (see above). As is the team line-up, which includes Beta Ray Bill and Dr. Strange fighting the Mole Man.

The Fantastic Four’s celebration, out this week, features the team’s children uniting after Marvel editorial mandates killed off or disbanded the original team in a story by Jan Van Meter and Joanna Estep—the first all-woman creative team for an FF book.

And in other news….

MARVEL ANNOUNCES A NEW DIRECTOR OF S.H.I.E.L.D. Looks like Agent Coulson is in! Clark Gregg in interviews has revealed that he will be the new Director, beginning with season two of the SHIELD TV show. This begs a lot of questions. First, if Sam Jackson was on his way out, why didn’t they just kill him in Captain America instead of having that contrived and predictable “fake death?” The answer is probably timing, so I can forgive that one. The second question: What’s wrong with Sam “I never saw a script I didn’t like” Jackson? Is he sick? And finally…Marvel’s comic book universe has put black eyepatched Nick Furys in place; can we finally get rid of Nick Fury, Jr.? And if we do, can Coulson get an eyepatch? I know he can’t smoke cigars on TV, but he could at least get the grey-grizzly hair…

CONSTANTINE CAN’T SMOKE EITHER. It’s a Network thing. So on his TV show, he won’t be smoking—which kills the possibility of an adaptation of the best Hellblazer story I ever read: The one where he gets cancer, written by Garth Ennis.

SUPERMAN. Geoff Johns and John Romita, Jr.’s take on the big blue boy scout has finally come out and it is…Damn good. When Johns is really writing, he’s excellent at these kinds of re-entry point stories. And Romita’s art is some of the best he’s done in recent books. I really can’t wait to see what happens next! Finally, a second DC book for my pull list (the other is Batman).

SAVAGE HULK. Anybody read issue #1 of this anthology book, by Alan Davis? He’s such a terrific artist…Marvel has revealed future creators on this title will include Gabriel Hardman, best known for a noirish style, and the great Jim Starlin (in a Hulk vs. Annihilus story). Check it out—we need to support outside-the-continuity-box titles like this.

BATMAN BATMAN BATMAN. Three new Batman comics are coming, and only one looks crappy. That would be Arkham Manor, which will be written by Gerry Duggan and Shawn Crystal (the team behind the mediocre Deadpool Now! book). The other two sound interesting: A digital-first translation of Jiro Kuwata’s 1996 Bat-Manga comic (which inspired several Grant Morrison stories, as I understand it) and, best of all, multiple-Eisner awardee Becky Cloonan on a book called “Gotham Academy.” Her book will be told from the point of view of kids who attend school in Gotham City. Sort of a 90210 version of Gotham Central. Sign me up for that one now.

BUT DEADPOOL DOESN’T HAVE TO BE CRAPPY! Peter David is one of the best writers in the comic book world (note: I said writers, not plotters). His character work is second to none. And, along with artist Scott Koblish, he’s taking on a new miniseries: “Deadpool’s Art of War.” It will indeed borrow heavily from Sun Tzu’s philosophical tactician’s manual.

THE FINCHS ON WONDER WOMAN. Married team Meredith Finch and David Finch will take over Wonder Woman when Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang end their run with issue #36. Azzarello and Chiang provided a truly fresh take on the character, but the story has gotten stale of late—it’s time for them to move on. Not sure this is the right move for the character, but some kind of change was needed.

AMERICAN GODS THE TV SHOW. Neil Gaiman’s American Gods is pretty much a masterpiece in American literature, and it’s coming to TV…On Starz. The good news is, the cable network hired reputable show runners who have worked on Hannibal and Heroes, and Gaiman will exec produce.

THE KITCHEN. This November, fan favorite Ming Doyle will illustrate a new Vertigo Comics series to be written by a new writer (Ollie Masters) that will take place in NYC’s Hell’s Kitchen in the 1970s. Put under the “true fiction” category: No capes, no powers. Just real mafia wives trying to run their real families when their husbands are busted for work the Family. Sounds good.



ms marvel cumming soonI usually do a longer post on SALES, but I think I’m the only one who is interested in it. So I’ll just say that in June Marvel had the top three books: Two issues of Amazing Spider-Man, and Original Sin #1. And in a rare correlation of quality to quantity, those were also three of the best books Marvel published last month.

And now, lots of cool little bits and items:

DYNAMITE HUMBLE BUNDLES. The publisher will offer, for the benefit of the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, over 120 comics from an all-star roster of creators. The offer is on now and continues through July 9, and includes titles like: Amanda Hocking’s The Hollows: A Hollowland; Project Superpowers; Vampirella collections by Grant Morrison, Warren Ellis, Alan Moore, and Mark Millar; Kevin Smith’s Green Hornet; and recent Red Sonja material, among many others.

EDGE OF SPIDER-VERSE. I’m excited as hell for Dan Slott’s return to Superior Spider-Man, coming later this year in a “Spiderverse” event that will bring together Doc Ock Spidey with Spider-Men from all over the multiverse. And to whet our whistles, Marvel is releasing five done-in-ones called “Edge of Spider-Verse” about various weird Spidey characters. Creators will include Gerard “Umbrella Academy” Way (you know him better as the lead singer of My Chemical Romance), Clay McLeod “I got nominated for a Pulitzer Prize” Chapman, Jason “Southern Bastards” Latour, and Dustin “Everything I Draw is Genius” Weaver. Characters will include Gwen Stacy: Spider-Woman and a bunch of new creations. I’m jazzed.

SPIDER-MAN 2099. And speaking of Spidey versions, this book is returning in July with original creator and author Peter David. As some of you know, the character was brought into the present by Dan Slott—this series will continue his presend-day adventures.

ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN SEASON 3. Speaking of the Spiderverse, the next season of Ultimate Spider-Man (coming August 31 to Disney XD) will include a ton of cool characters from both the Spider- and Marvelverses as Peter Parker joins the Avengers and meets (quickly draws a breath before shouting): Ka-Zar, Miles Morales, Agent Venom, Dr. Strange, Cloak and Dagger, Amadeus Cho, Spider-Girl, Spider-Ham, Spider-Man Noir, Iron Spider, and Spider-Man 2099. I do like the cartoon, even though I missed season two entirely. Looks like I’ll be watching again!

WONDER WOMAN STRIPS. Newspaper strips, that is. IDW will publish a collection of the 1940s material later this year.

RAT QUEENS CARTOON. And speaking of cartoons, Kurtis J. Wiebe and Roc Upchurch’s recent critical hit comic Rat Queens (published by Image) may become a cartoon. I can only imagine it will be on a cable network—the comic gets pretty salty.

QUANTUM AND WOODY. The reboot of Valiant comics has been pretty good. If I didn’t have too many comics to read already, I’d be reading Quantum and Woody. What I have read of it was pretty cool. And now, Valiant is bringing back the creators of the series, Christopher Priest and M.D. Bright, as well as planning an omnibus (600 pages!) of their original creation. And speaking of reboots….

TEEN TITANS EARTH ONE. I didn’t care for the Batman or Superman Earth One books—they’re alternate takes on established characters that take place in the present day. Yes, they’re DC’s version of Marvel’s Ultimate universe. But the Titans one sounds cool. Jeff Lemire is writing, Terry Dodson is drawing, and it is about a teen team that develops in a universe where there are no heroes to sidekick to.

MARVEL 75TH ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION #1. In honor of 75 years since Marvel Comics #1 was published, Marvel is producing an anthology of new material about vintage Marvel events: Bruce Timm will illustrate Stan Lee’s first Marvel story (which was a picture-less feature called “Captain America Foils The Traitor’s Revenge”). Brian Bendis and Michael Gaydos will tell a new Jessica Jones story (they haven’t done one since they created her in the brilliant Alias comic). James Robinson and Chris Samnee will play with Fantastic Four #1 (hailed by many as the first Marvel Universe comic). Sounds awesome.

AVENGERS UNDERCOVER IS ENDING. With issue #10. That makes me sad. I love this comic.

THE ORIGINAL GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY. Remember? With Yondu and the dude who looks like Iceman and Starhawk? They appeared in a back-up feature in Guardians of the Galaxy #14, and in October they’re getting their own series, which will take place in the year 3000 and will be written by Dan Abnett. Fans of Marvel’s cosmic line know Abnett was half of the writing team that revived the cosmic line in the early 2000s. I’m excited—I always loved that old Guardians team. And speaking of the cosmic line…

JIM STARLIN BACK AT MARVEL. The creator of Thanos has been signed to do three Adam Warlock graphic novels for the company after a public dust-up over Marvel inviting then dis-inviting him to work with that character. All is forgiven, apparently.



Let’s start with Original Sin: We’re about halfway done with Marvel’s early summer event by Jason Aaron and Mike Deodato and that’s far enough in to pronounce it…A hoot.  A good event. It’s not the kind of made-for-the-movies, high stakes drama of Civil War, and it’s not a big “everybody fight” like Siege, but that’s what makes it so good.  Instead [SPOILERS AHEAD!], it groups together B-, C-, even D-list characters ranging from Winter Soldier and Punisher to Ego The Living Planet and The Mindless Ones.  And it’s a murder mystery, but the real investigation isn’t into the murder but into the motive: Whose Uatu-owned secret was the most valuable to protect?  Because really, who cares who killed The Watcher?  What we really want to know is, what was important enough to hide that Watcher had to die?

And doing an event as a murder mystery with a very superhero noir bent is brilliant.  Capes and the cosmos don’t usually lend themselves to shadows and darkness, but the choice of artist (Deodato did similar work with Captain America in the past) and writer (this is the brilliant Scalped/Southern Bastards Jason Aaron, not the commercial and less interesting Wolverine Jason Aaron) are pitch perfect.

It feels like an event that isn’t laden with all the “importance” of an event.

I also really like the way they are handling the tie-ins.  When The Orb (who ever thought he’d be a major villain!) released Uatu’s secrets to the universe, all we saw were questions and reactions: Like Hulk wants to smash Stark and Captain America won’t talk about his secret.  These will all be spin-off titles, but none of them are critical to understanding the main story.  So if you don’t care about who Thor’s sister is (it’s Angela, from Guardians of the Galaxy) or what made Daredevil leave the event to handle an urgent personal matter, you don’t have to buy other books to find out.

In fact, the only thing I’m hating about it so far is that they killed Nick Fury, which assures Nick Fury Jr.’s place in the future of the Marvel 616 Universe, thus cementing the movieverse’s worst impact on comics thus far.

And in other news….

DC’S MOVIE SCHEDULE.  Warner Bros has leaked their three-year movie plans, with 2016 offering Batman v. Superman, Shazam, and Sandman; Justice League, Wonder Woman, and a Flash/Green Lantern movie (without Ryan Reynolds) in 2017; and in 2018 a Man of Steel sequel.  Will this really happen?  I doubt it.  The safest bets are the already-announced BvS and the Sandman movie.  Too much hinges on the Batman/Superman movie—and DC has yet to really get superhero movies right.  Their non-super films, like Nolan’s Batman trilogy (he’s got no powers so he’s not super) and the underrated The Losers were good.  Man of Steel and Green Lantern…Weren’t.  Still, if all goes as planned DC will win the race for a female-fronted comic book movie.

ROCKET RACCOON IS A HIT…AND IT’S NOT EVEN OUT YET.  Advance sales of Skottie Young’s Rocket Raccoon #1 have topped 300k…The book is the product of writer/artist Skottie Young, the visual genius behind Marvel’s recent adaptations of Frank Baum’s Wizard of Oz novels.  The high advance orders makes it a lock for one of the best-selling comics of the decade, especially when you consider there will probably be multiple printings.

MARVEL’S 100TH ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL: FANTASTIC FOUR #1.  I don’t know if they’re doing this to make fun of DC’s ridiculous flashes forward and back in the new 52, but Marvel’s planned 100th anniversary celebration just got interesting: An issue of Fantastic Four created entirely by women.  I know that gender shouldn’t be an issue and art should stand on its own, but it’s notable that there’s never been an issue of FF drawn and written by women.  Jen Van Meter and Joanna Estep will create the 100th anniversary issue of F4.  In case you don’t know, the anniversary shows what various Marvel characters might look like in 2061 if the current timeline continues…Which it won’t, of course.

THE ARCHIEVERSE GETS EVEN DARKER.  First zombies.  Then the revival of Sabrina the Teenage Witch.  Now, Archie Andrews will die in Life With Archie #36.  But check out the awesome cover.

BILL FINGER GETS CREDIT.  DC is planning a free re-release of Batman’s first appearance in Detective Comics #27, and Bill Finger will get credit on the cover.  Finger is widely viewed as the “real” creator of Batman, who was screwed out of his share by Bob Kane.  And this screwing seems much more extensive, and the complaints much more valid, than Jack Kirby’s complaints about Stan Lee.  I’m not saying Lee didn’t take credit for some of Kirby’s work, but Jack’s positions on the subject change far too often to be 100% true.

ANT MAN HAS A NEW DIRECTOR AND WRITER.  Adam “Anchorman” McKay will punch up the script, and Peyton “Yes Man” Reed will direct.  He is also attached to adapt Vivek Tiwary and Kyle Baker’s brilliant, under-read masterpiece “The Fifth Beatle.”  I’m actually more excited about the latter than the former.  Once Edgar Wright bowed out, I kind of lost interest in Ant Man.  And with these creators, it sounds like just another mediocre Paul Rudd outing.

CONSTANTINE.  Dr. Fate will appear on the DC show.

AVENGERS UNDERCOVER.  Just got awesome with last issue.  Check it out.

And finally….Here is a reason why Crossed: Wish You Were Here is a terrific on-line comic, and one that’s superior to many (offline?) “real” comic books. Because so many of the Crossed comics these days are terrible, profanity-filled, shocking-for-no-reason torture porn. Or, as it’s described above, yadda yadda yadda. Brilliant.




This is still in the deep rumor department, but it looks like Marvel is limiting or eliminating production of stuff they don’t own the movie rights to. The Fantastic Four comic, as well as Ultimate FF, will end right about the time Fox plans to start production on the movie. And the F4 have been cut out of the Marvel 75th Anniversary trading card deck—along with Doctor Doom, Galactus, Silver Surfer, and other side characters. And, of course, Marvel just killed Uatu The Watcher. On a related note, there are no new solicitations for X-Men toys and no toys came out to accompany the Days of Future Past film. It seems very unlikely to me that Marvel would cut out these properties—and Spider-Man as well(?)—just to spite Mark Millar and Fox Studios.

And this is all made the more suspicious by Marvel’s parent company, Disney, snagging Josh Trank (director of the Fantastic Four reboot) for a Star Wars spinoff, which presumably would tie him up from doing more work for FOX.

In other news, I can’t wait to see Guardians of the Galaxy. Find out why in the bullets below….

DIRECTING DOCTOR STRANGE. Marvel has supposedly tapped Scott Derrickson to direct an as-yet-unscheduled Dr. Strange movie. Derrickson’s resume includes two terrible movies: The Exorcism of Emily Rose and The Day the Earth Stood Still. But several Marvel directors hadn’t done anything special before their first Marvel movie, so that’s not necessarily a bad sign. It’s not a good one, either. This is just me speculating, but with Edgar Wright dropping out of Ant Man, maybe they’ll fast track this movie in its place—I can’t imagine an Ant Man movie without Wright, and in the past Marvel said that his vision was the whole reason they were making the movie in the first place. Ant-Man is slated for a July 17, 2015, release. The clock is ticking.

DAVE SIM IS COOL WITH YOU STEALING HIS STUFF. He recently issued a memo telling people that a complete digital version of Cerebus is being remastered, and you can buy it at It’s the same as the illegal pirated version, only it’s been cleaned up by artist George Peter Gatsis. But Sim says that if you can’t afford to buy it, “please feel COMPLETELY free –and GUILT-FREE” to steal it via torrent sites and donate whatever you can afford at the site now, on in decades to come when you have the money. And thus, Sim becomes the Radiohead of comic books.

BRIAN WOOD ON MOON KNIGHT! As I feared, Warren Ellis and Declan Shalvey’s run on Moon Knight, which has been controversial for some but was loved by me, ends with #6. That’s the bad news. The good news is, they’re being replaced by Brian Wood and Greg Smallwood (who did Dark Horse’s terrific “Dream Thief” series—this is his first work for Marvel). They’ll start with issue #7—not an All-All-New #1—and will continue to use the done-in-one format established by Ellis.

JOSH BROLIN IS THANOS. In the Guardians of the Galaxy movie, and probably beyond. The mad titan will be in GotG, but he’s not the star. Or the big bad. He’s the boss of the summer film’s main villain, who is Ronan the Accuser. Best guess is that the Avengers will take on Thanos after they beat up Ultron in Avengers 2. That means we’re probably 5 years away from the real Infinity Gems movie—and probably there will be several cameos before then, like the end-credits scene for Thor 2, which featured The Collector. I’m okay with that. It’s cool that Marvel can do such a decompressed story, with so much build-up.

VALIANT MOVIES. The reboot of the Valiant universe has been pretty darn good. They’ve attracted big name talent like Matt Kindt, Joshua Dysart, Fred Van Lente, and James Asmus. Books like Quantum and Woody and Bloodshot proved that there was life in the old, defunct publishing line, and the recent Rai #1 proves that Valiant can be as good as Image Comics. It’s fantastic. So, it makes sense that they’re moving forward with media deals. Matthew “Kick Ass”/”X-Men First Class” Vaughn will direct a Bloodshot movie (remember Matthew, he’s the one who said the superhero movie was dead); J. Michael Straczynski is working on a script for a Shadowman movie (JMS’ run on Thor is widely recognized as the inspiration for the first Thor movie); and their movie line will be produced by Sean “The Mummy movies” Daniel.

MORE HORROR IN THE ARCHIEVERSE. Afterlife with Archie was so great, and so successful, that the publisher is reviving Sabrina the Teenage Witch, with the same writer (Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa). Like Afterlife, it will be a teen-plus oriented book, and will take place in Riverdale in the 1960s. It doesn’t look like they’re trying to tie it to Afterlife, but it would be kind of cool to have an adult version of the Archie universe



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