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I mean “Tumbler.”  He debuted in Captain America and the Falcon, and then 21598-2400-24088-1-captain-america

Steven Englehart and Sal Buscema created him, and then many years later he returned as his son.   The book had a January 1974 cover date, which means it went on sale on October 2, 1973.  Because that’s how dates go in the comic world.


WHAT IF #26: What If Captain America Were Elected President?



An all-star line-up on a great issue.  Mike Barr writing, Herb Trimpe and Mike Esposito on the art, and Roger Stern and John Byrne get a consulting credit, since this was their concept during their short but classic run on Cap’s solo book.  It’s issues like this that made What If? great–they stayed true to the core of the character, got great creative teams on board, and spun the “true” events just slightly to produce a completely different outcome.  Cap runs for Prez, picks a black running meat, and trounces Carter and Reagan.


Of course, it all ends in Red Skull tragedy.  But a great issue nonetheless.

Now, as part of this blog’s review of What If? books we’re asking whether these hypotheticals came true…And this one did, in the Ultimate universe.  So I’m counting this as a yes.



A tribute to Marvel’s Frankenstein. Created in 1973 by Gary Friedrich (creator of Ghost Rider), the first issue of his first comic was called “The Frankenstein Monster.” The first four issues simply retold the movie story, but then it began to get original.
Admittedly, the next three issues drifted. But in #8, pictured above, he met Dracula. Dracula had already been in his own comic (and that will be the subject of another “Comic Book Monsters” post), but cross-pollenation is the Marvel way anyway.

Perhaps the coolest thing about this comic started in #12.  There, he got frozen and ice and revived in the present-day Marvel universe.

Just like Captain America!


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