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a little bit of BK in VA



Peter David had to work with some supremely crappy artists during his Hulk run, but he also got to work with some great ones.  (Kind of like his runs on X-Factor, where every ten issues or so Marvel switches artists on him.  I guess when you stay with a title for a decade, artists move on?)

Anyway, #447 is one of the great ones.  Look at that panel above.  Know who it is?

The great Mike Deodato, in his first Marvel comic.

Well, not his first.  he’s done a few issues of Thor with Warren Ellis, but he hadn’t found his own voice yet–back then, he was doing what every 1990s artist was doing: Trying to look like Jim Lee and the other Image Comics artists.  Hulk is where Deodato found his own look, his own vision.


LEGGY-Cavity Castle

I figured I’d pass this along for those who like sweet pop music (perfect album title!).


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