This page is devoted to “real life people” appearing in comics.  Note: No skrulls, no imposters.  Only the real thing.

Celebrity appearances in comics!

JFK’s hair, from issue F4#17 (1963)
Richard Nixon from F4#103 (1970)

Richard Nixon in Hulk #139 (1971)

Spidey meets Johnny Carson in Amazing Spider-Man #99 (1971)


In FF#141 and 142, we learn that Ben loves to decorate by hanging photos of movie stars (1974)


NYC Mayor Abe Beame and three Presidents.  Carter is eating peanuts, Gerry has a band-aid and Reagan mentions another actor.  What is this, Mad Magazine?  From F4 #178.  (1975)

Uri Geller meets Daredevil, in DD #133 (1976)


Jimmy Carter in Justice League of America #150 (1978)


John Wayne, from Fantastic Four #196. (1979)

Steve Martin from Iron Man #138 (1980)

Popeye's arm, from What If? #29 (1981)

Popeye’s arm, from What If? #29 (1981)

Teddy Roosevelt from Captain America #255 (1981)

Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy from Avengers #218 (1982)

Charles Bronson and Marlon Brando meet Kingpin from Daredevil #188 (1982)

IMG_1023 IMG_1024
David Letterman and Paul Shaffer Avengers #239 (1984)


Ronald Reagan from Avengers 246 (1984)

johnny carson avengers wonder man simon
Johnny Carson from West Coast Avengers #3 (1985)


Mikhail Gorbachev, from Justice League #2 (1985)


Ronald Reagan, from Uncanny X-Men #200 (1986)

Refrigerator Perry and Larry Hagman from Iron Man #222 (1987)

Ronald Reagan (reverting from being turned into a reptile) in Captain America #344 (1988)

Freddie Krueger from The Incredible Hulk #355 (1989).

Punisher as Charles Bronson, from War Zone #26 (1994)


Pogo and the Walt Kelley crew, from Dave Giffen’s “Maximum Security” event, issue #2 (2001)

Lance Ito from JLA #65, presiding over the case of Plastic Man’s kid.


Grommit! from Captain America: What Price Glory? (2003)

Liberty Meadows in New Avengers #14 (2008)

Liberty Meadows in New Avengers #14 (2008)

Illustrated by Frank Cho, of course.


Sideshow Bob?  From Ms. Marvel #9 (2016)

Appearances by Comic Book Creators!

Stan and Jack, from F4#10 (1962)


Stan, Jack and other Bullpenners from Fantastic Four #176.  Check out the autographed Vision poster! (1975)


A statue of Jim Shooter, from Fantastic Four #229 (1981).  I suspect this was part of Marvel’s effort to make Jim Shooter as much of a personality as Stan Lee, who himself had gone to Hollywood to try to sell and develop Marvel TV and movie properties.


Julius Schwartz, from Justice League #153 (1978).  JLA had a whole alternate Earth where its creators existed, just like Marvel.

Ann Nocenti from Avengers #215 (1982).  A cameo by one of Marvel’s first female writer/editors, and one of its most controversial.

al milgrom avengers

Al Milgrom, the artist, draws himself into Avengers #237 (1983).  I can’t find any relevant significance to the name “Sikorski.”  Maybe Al was really Polish?  Anyway, he became an ongoing character–but this was his first appearance.

John Byrne from Fantastic Four #262 (1984)

Mike Carlin Captain America #311 (1986)