evolution of punisher gifPunisher: Circle of Blood (1985).  Steven Grant and Mike Zeck.  One of the best miniseries of all time.  Grade: A.
Punisher Volume 2 (1987).  A character-defining run by Mike Baron established most of the tropes still fundamental to Punisher today.  Grade: B.
Punisher: War Zone (1988). Volume 1 (total).  Grade: C.  Issue #7.  Grade: B+.
Return to Big Nothing (OGN) (1989).  Grant and Zeck team up again.  Grade: A.
Punisher: The Jigsaw Puzzle (1990).  Punisher becomes James Bond.  Grade: B-.
Punisher Summer Special #1 (1991).  Grade: C.
Punisher: Final Days (1991).  The One Where He Becomes a Black Man.  Grade: A (for over-the-top ridiculousness).
Police Action (1993).  Grade: C+.
War Journal #58 (1993).  With Ghost Rider.  Grade: C+.
War Zone #26 (1994).  Grade: B-.
Suicide Run (1994).  Grade: B+.
PunisherMAX by Garth Ennis (2004).  Grade: A+.  Parts 1, 2, 3.
5 Panels from Rick Remender’s Punisher (2009).  Grade: B+
Batman/Punisher (1994) by Chuck Dixon and John Romita, Jr.  Grade: B+.
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