Iron Man #206 (1986)

It’s the return of White Goliath!  I mean White Power Man!  No, I mean Bad Goliath.

Eric Josten has the unfortunate legacy of being the “white and evil” version of two characters whose black/hero versions are much better known.  We last saw him as part of the Lethal Legion, in the Vision/Scarlet Witch saga, and now he’s in Avengers Jail.  I bet you didn’t know they had one?  Not Project Pegasus and not Rykers.

Anyway, he escapes and attacks the West Coast Avengers’ compound.  Then there’s a fight and the heroes win.

That’s about it.  We also get a little bit of development in the Tony Stark Space Station story.

Creators: Denny O’Neil, Mark Bright
Grade: C+

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