Even this future-based, not-sure-if-it’s-canon bo0k didn’t escape the ’90s compulsion to include Woverine.  That’s Rancor, Logan’s 21st Century decendant.  The next issue reintroduced Starhawk.

Jim Valentino continues to the be the sole creator of these issues, except for #23, which has guest artist Mark Texiera.

These issues also have a bubbling-under subplot of Galactus coming to eat Earth and Silver Surfer coming to protect it, which comes to a boil in issue #25.

After saving the Earth, we get a soft reboot of the origin.  Not a lot of new revelations here, but a solid read.

I continue to half-read, half-skim these comics because I’m not sure whether they’re canon and because they’re not very good.  Not bad, either, but not very good.

Grade: C

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