UNCANNY X-MEN #102-103: New Nightcrawler Powers and the First Fastball Special (sort of)! (1977)

IMG_0876It’s the return of Juggernaut, but more importantly, we learn two things.  First, above, the source and impact of Storm’s claustrophobia.  Guess what made her so afflicted?  She was trapped under rubble with the dead body of her mother.  Guess what caused the rubble?

A plane crash!

Yet another in the long line of vehicle crashes in the pages of Claremont’s X-Men.  Anyway, Storm overcomes her claustrophobia…

We also learn about another Nightcrawler power: Hiding in shadows.  It’s cool, but it does kind of make you wonder: If this power is only being established now, why was he called Nightcrawler in the first place?  Ponderous.


And speaking of ponderous, there is a rare sighting of Marvel Leprechauns in this story.

Finally, this is the first time that Colossus throws Wolverine.  It’s technically not a fastball special–it’s just Wolverine is being a sexist douche bag and Peter decides to relocate him.  But the seeds are planted.


The big bad is Juggernaut.

Like most Juggernaut fights, this one ends in a stalemate when Juggy runs off.

Also some early Phoenix stuff…

That’s Misty Knight visiting her in the hospital.  The strange thing about those panels is Jean being surprised that Professor X is rude.

He’s ALWAYS rude!

Creators: Claremont and Cockrum

Grade: A

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