STRANGE TALES #134 (1965)

Thing and Torch go back in time to meet Merlin and fight Kang.

And the panel above is my nominee for worst dialog in a 1964 comic.

By the way, The Watcher is the guy who helps them travel back in time to fight Kang because Watcher is worried Kang will disrupt the timeline beyond repair.

Then, when the Fantastic Two manage to save the day, Watcher interferes again to bring them back to the modern day.  Where Reed calls them lazy.  Because he’s always a dick.

For the Doc Strange story, we really get a prequel to a story—not a full tale.  That’s the problem with “split books.”  But we get the first mention of the character Eternity.  We don’t see him, but Dr. Strange sets out to find him, at the behest of the Ancient One, for support in fighting Dormammu and Baron Mordo.  It’s good, but it really only whets the whistle.

I like the use of black and white against red in the panel above.  Very good Steve Ditko art.

And the letter page has one of the better banners…

Creators: Stan Lee and Bob Powell (Torch)
Stan Lee and Steve Ditko (Dr. Strange)
First appearances: Eternity (mentioned only, not seen)
Grades: D- (Torch), B (Strange).

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