DAREDEVIL #8 (1965): First Appearance of Stilt-Man!

matt murdock apartment schematic

I have a lot to say about this issue, but since it posts maps and diagrams, they have to go first.  Because I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I love these things.  So, above is Matt Murdock’s house.  He’s got secret stairs behind a bookcase to his gym, lab, and electronic workshop.

Old Daredevil issues are often compared to Batman.

Image result for batman gif to the batpoles

Frankly, I don’t see it.

Also: His billy club:

daredevil #8

OK–what else?

Well, this issue is the debut of Stilt-Man, and it’s got great art by Wally Wood.daredevil 8 wally wood

Look at the bottom panel–it looks exactly like the Frank Miller cover for Daredevil #186, in which DD firghts Stilt-Man.

Clearly an homage. And there are several other panels in #186 that mirror the work Wood did here, way way back in 1965.

I love Wally Wood–but Stilt-Man’s legs get a little thick in some sequences.

As for the story: I’m sure only the most dedicated nerds and Stilt-Man fans remember that Daredevil beat him in the first issue by shrinking him out of existence.  Kind of a brilliant twist for a character who could make himself small.

And finally, this is what happens when a blind man drives…

Creators: Stan Lee, Wally Wood
First appearance: Stilt-Man
Grade: A

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