MARVEL COMICS PRESENTS #80-81 (1991): Captain America and Ant-Man


I usually post about the Marvel Comics Presents anthology book in two ways: (1) Posts about stories that carry over for more than one issue; and (2) Posts that summarize multiple 8-page stories that appear in multiple issues. But this time I’m doing something slightly different: A two-issue story from #80-81 about Captain America, and the one-issue Ant-Man story that also appears in #81.

And they’re both terrible.

Captain America, in a tale written and drawn by Steve Ditko, fights a guy named Wargod who turns out to be a girl.

Ditko’s style is completely outdated.  Grade: D

Then Ant-Man goes inside a bomb again to diffuse it again.  Grade: C-.

For the complete history of the MU, year by year, go here.

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