Damage Control #1-4 (1991)

This book has gone from a humorous take on a reasonable concept—i.e., people who clean up super-messes—to an issue of Crazy.  And that’s not a good thing.

And it’s too bad because the plot is kind of cool.  Damage Control is getting advance notice of clean-up requests—meaning that someone is tipping them off  before the super-hero/villain fight happens.  Neat idea.

But again, the execution make it almost unreadable.  I mean look at this picture of Speedball, who is asked by the government to infiltrate D.C. to see how they’re getting their info…

I don’t think Ernie Colon and Kyle Baker are bad artists, but this is really distracting.  I skimmed the issues but had a hard time being interested enough to log all the ins and outs of the story.

I will say it leads to a big cosmic battle with Glalactus, the Elders and just about every Marvel hero.  So many that I’m not bothering to tag them all.

Quite a wasted opportunity.  This book khad the potential to be completely novel and very interesting.

Creators: Dwayne McDuffie and Kyle Baker (issue #1) and Ernie Colon (issues #2-4).
Grade: D

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