It’s a Night Shift story. And also Sattanish.  And also, it’s really, really stupid.  The team all want to be famous in Hollywood.

So Hangman promises to help them become stars.

Seriously?  The group of supernatural anti-heroes, some of which have actually lived in sewers, all want to be in the movies?

Anyway, Hangman uses black magic to do it, so the West Coast Avengers and Dr. Strange get involved.  And when the team finally assembles to take on Sattanish, they don’t even use the right battlecry.

It feels like someone thought the old and really weird Steve Englehart period was this book’s hay-day, and they’re trying to recreate it–only Englehart’s work on this book was even more awful than this.

And some world leaders make cameos, including a pretty tasteless reference to the Iran Hostage crisis.

Creators: Roy and Dann Thomas, David Ross
Grade: D

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