MARVEL COMICS PRESENTS #76-77: Woodgod, Namor (1991)

Remember Woodgod?  Not a lot of people do.

But apparently his mutated human-animal state was of interest to Roxxon, who try to take him down along with the other animal people living at his Colorado hideaway.  And they got one of Changelings, Leonine, to sell them all out.

The baddies fail.  It’s kind of interesting to have a check-in with these very lesser-known characters.  Creators: Robert Campanella and Dave Cockrum.  Grade: C.

Then, issue #77 has just one solo, about Namor, also written by Robert Campanella but drawn by someone named Grant Miehm, who I’ve never heard of.  He thinks a lot about his own past and has a brief tussle with Tiger Shark, who he really shouldn’t be able to defeat in a single page.  Grade: C-.

Issue #78 has an Iron Man story by Dough Murray and Ken Steacy in which Iron Man goes into a video game and meets Larry Hama.  Grade: C.

Then a second story with Hulk vs. Selene.  And Magneto.


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