X-Factor #4 (1986)

Angel’s business dealings have to take a back seat to X-Factor adventure!

So we’ve got the team formed and Beast has reverted to skin instead of fur—this is looking a lot like the original X-Men fulfilling the original vision of Professor X.  And now an artist from the Uncanny X-Men’s greatest period, Keith Pollard, signs on for a fill-in.  This should be great, right?

The size-changing mutant Tower returns, and now he has a partner—a black woman named Frenzy.  Frenzy is a tank—super-strong and invulnerable.

Both of them are working for “The Master,” who wants to kidnap Rusty Collins away from X-Factor.  Basically, it looks a lot like how the Hellfire Club takes students from the Professor X school.

Speaking of Rusty, his training isn’t going well.  He’s portrayed as insecure, and Jean Grey seems to think that yelling at him will help the situation.  You’d think that, as a psychic, she’d have a better understanding of people, but she doesn’t.  Maybe being buried underwater for years and then coming out of it to find your true love has married your look-a-like makes you a little insensitive.

Creators: Bob Layton and Keith Pollard
Grade: B-

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