Captain America #387-392 (1991): The Superia Stratagem

This seems like a long arc, but there are back-up stories as well so it’s really about half as many issues.  But the chick version of my favorite villain is featured on the cover of the lead-in issue, so this should be good, right?


In this tale, a bunch of threads from the back-up features are tied together as a whole bunch of lady villains form a super-villain group.  There are also some new ones created, like Impala…


…Gold Digger (really?  A girl villain named Gold Digger?), and a bunch from the old Thing comic with all the evil wrestlers, as well as tons of D-listers.  Yeah, it’s fun to see them all but the story is just horrible.

They’re led by another new villain, Superia, whose evil plot is to sterilize all the women in the world except for the villains in her crew, so that they will be able to raise the next generation of Earthlings in their own, twisted way.

Captain America, Diamondback, and Paladin go after them (all the women are on a boat) and are quickly detected…

And then of course it’s a huge fight.  The cover has a truly awful, sexist joke…

I’m skipping over a lot.  A LOT.  Because it’s really bad.

Creators: Mark Gruenwald, with art by Rik Levins and Larry Alexander
Grade: F.  It kills me to give a failing grade to a MODOK/MODAM story.

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