fantastic sex

Note the irony: His mind projects a visible image of an invisible thought of the invisible girl in a visible moment.

Finally, Reed shows that he’s got a dirty mind.  Also Johnny wants to play with the new device.

Reed is thinking of proposing to Susan…

But so is Prince Namor.,,

So, Sub-Mariner kidnaps Sue.  Which makes Reed mad.

Reed gets all “lemme attim!” and races after her alone.

Without their leader, Ben and Johnny try to no avail to locate Reed and Sue, so they ask for help from Dr. Strange.

Rather than help them defeat Sub-Mariner (which would probably be pretty easy for Strange) or using a spell to bring Sue and Reed back to New York (which would probably be even easier), Strange just tells Thing and Human Torch where to find their team-mates.

Reed wants to have a go at Namor first, and Thing wants “sloppy seconds.”

They go to Atlantis and rescue them, and Ben juggles Atlantean soldiers.

Sue tells Namor she doesn’t love him, which gets him to back off, but as they are leaving, Reed doubts it.

Reed wonders whether he’s really man enough for Susan, seeing as how Subby is all muscles and everything.  He wonders if she really likes him more.

Creators: Lee/Kirby
Grade: C+

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