Doctor Strange #5-8 (1989)

Silver Age writer Roy Thomas brings his wife with him to return to Marvel on Dr. Strange, and they start with a rock-star oral sex cover to issue #5.  The Doc is now portrayed as a muscular he-man who even justifies his new bod…

This is not the Doctor Strange anyone expects.  Or wants, really.

From there, it’s the return of Baron Mordo, who tries to force Strange into helping him prevent Mephisto from taking his soul.

Both Mephisto and Sattanish want Mordo’s soul, and we also meet Mephisto’s daughter.  Guess her name?

Mephista.  Seriously.

This is just awful.

By the end of the story, the spell that made the world think Stephen was dead is undone, and he gets his eye back so he’s not wearing an eyepatch any more.

Howard the Duck also appears.  The Thomases keep trying to be witty and funny in these issues, and it doesn’t work. Ever.

Oh, and Now! Magazine is publishing an expose about Dr. Strange.  That’ll be the next arc in the series.

Creators: Roy and Dann Thomas, Butch Guice
Grade: F

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