Excalibur #40-41 (1991): Scott Lobdell’s Run Ends

Scott Lobdell ends his run by bringing everyone together for a Lockheed-centric story.

He tells the tale of Excalibur. He gets sick.  And some X-Men show up to help.

Except they’re actually warwolves.

There is also lots of Lockheed backstory, if you’re into knowing more about the little dragon.

Other than that, it’s an opportunity for character development and it’s handled fairly well.  I’m just so over this book at this point that it will take a massive overhaul to get me interested in it again.  At the end of the issue, Cable appears–he’s spying on them.

But this doesn’t signify anything–next issue doesn’t build on it, and has a new creative team.

Creators: Scott Lobdell and Dana Moreshead on “story” and Dave Hoover on pencils
Grade: C

For the complete history of the MU, year by year, go here.

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