STRANGE TALES #116-119 (1963)

Some Dr. Strange stories.  Some solo Human Torch stories.  I’m going to bundle them.  I know a lot of people love the old Lee/Ditko Doc Strange stuff, but I’m just not feelin’ in.  But it is about now that Stan starts talking about the “Marvel Age of Comics.”  See the blurb above.

In the Dr. Strange stories: Issue #116 is the return of Nightmare.

It’s also the first appearance of Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum.  Here’s a map of it:

And in the very next issue, Baron Mordo plays with a toy replica.

The art continues to be great, but the stories are kinda drab.

As for Human Torch, #116 has Puppet Master making Johnny fight Thing.

Look how grotesque Puppet Master looks on the splash page.

Issue #118 is the return of The Wizard.

He masquerades as Torch.  These kinds of switches are so common in these early Marvel issues that they get a bit tired.

Creators: Stan Lee/Steve Ditko (Strange); Lee/Dick Ayers (Human Torch)
Grade: C- (all)

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