Marvel Super Heroes #6 (1991): Cloak & Dagger, Power Pack, Sabra, Speedball

Another forgettable anthology.  Here’s the skinny on the stories inside:

Cloak and Dagger: Dagger revisits her past by taking down a porn director who is taking advantage of a childhood friend.  Creators: Barry Dutter and Jack Herman (plot and script), Jim Reddington (art).  Grade: F

Power Pack.  A check-in on the kids since their book was cancelled.  They’re on a family vacation at the beach and fight off some sea monsters who are only trying to protect their eggs from tourists.  Fairly typical Power Pack fare, but not done especially well.   Creators: Michael Higgins and Steve Buccellato.  Grade: D

Sabra fights a terrorist group, but the twist is she’s Israel’s hero and the group is named Israelis for Anarchy.  Creators: Scott Lobdell, Paul Abrams.  Grade: C.

Speedball: If it’s an anthology comic, there must be a Speedball story.  Creators: Mary Jo Duffy and Steve Ditko.  Grade: F, as usual.

X-Men.  There’s the first installment of a three-part X-Men story that will get it’s own post because it spans multiple issues.

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