I love these kinda panels.  The villain in this issue was lame (“Miracle Man”).

Sue took him on alone while Reed smoked a pipe.

And it was the first appearance of the Fantasti-Car.

Which replaced the far less cool Fantasti-Copter.

It was also the time they got their cool blue costumes with the chest 4s.

And perhaps most importantly…

Reed goes into ball mode for the first time.  In these early issues, he’s a lot like Plastic Man.  Like earlier in this issue when they find another use for Reed…

I almost made this a two-issue arc, because it ends with a cliffhanger.  Human Torch storms off (no pun intended) at the end, and seems to have quit the team.  How many times can the FF break up or lose a member?  Many.  But this was the first.

Creators: Lee/Kirby.
First appearances: The Fantasti-Car, FF’s new costumes.
Grade: C+

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