Amazing Spider-Man #187 (1978)


Jim Starlin drawing Cap and Spidey?  More, please.

I’m really tempted to bundle Marv Wolfman’s run into a large parcels because it’s just so bad, but this issue is worth singling out because it’s got layouts by the great Jim Starlin and finishes by the also-great-but-lesser-known Bob McLeod.

Look at that shot of Cap.  Look at his boots, and his pose.  It’s so perfectly perfect.  Big, threatening poses like that are part of what Jim is known for.  Great art.

And the artist seems to have elevated the content as well, since this is easily Marv’s most complex and best story in Spider-Man thus far.  Electro kidnaps the son of a millionaire, but it turns out that the kid has a highly infectious disease (“the plague!”), so Captain America gets involved to quarantine the area.  Of course this leads to him needing to punch Spider-Man to keep Spidey from entering the sick zone and getting infected.  Because, as always, fists are better than words.  But it’s a fun fight.

Then the two of them finally talk, and go after Electro together.

In the end, SHIELD’s Dum Dum Dugan is in charge of clean-up, and they create a cover story to hide what really happened and avoid panicking the population of New Jersey.  He says it was lightning (get it, ’cause of Electro?).

Wow.  Marvel just took a licensed property (their recently-launched Godzilla comic) and made it canon.

Now I have to read Godzilla to keep this site accurate.

Creators: Marv Wolfman and Jim Starlin/Bob McLeod
Grade: B

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