The movie Flashdance came out on April 15, 1983. It was about as big as a movie could be in its day. And its soundtrack sold like hotcakes. There were a bunch of minor hits on it but, unlike the film-and-soundtrack’s nearest competitor, Footloose, there were really only two good songs on it.

These are their covers.


Flashdance (What a Feeling) by Irene Cara. The title song was covered by doo-woppers, Japanese anime soundtrackers, and many, many Irene Cara wannabes. Say what you want about Ms. Cara–her Oscar-winning legacy is tremendous. Fame. Out Here On My Own. I Sing the Body Electric. Even Breakdance was a good song.


Maniac. Michael Sembello had no other hits. One of his singles hit #34 on the charts, but the rest all languished. This song is his one lasting gift to the world. But getting covered by Herb Alpert is no small feat…

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