FANTASTIC FOUR 138-139 (1973)

These two issues featured the return of Miracle Man, who goes to Wyatt Wingfoot’s family’s Indian Reservation and…It really doesn’t matter.  The truly interesting thing about these two issues is how utterly depressing they are.  I’m not a huge fan of the Gerry Conway run on this title, and the fact that it comes pretty much right on the heels of Stan Lee’s run only accentuates the negatives here.  The story begins with Wyatt Wingfoot returning to invite the FF to his graduation, but Reed is too consumed with his own broken marriage to go.  Then Jonny Storm is concerned about how his hair looks and his own insecurity about not having graduated college (because he was so busy being Human Torch).  What a pair of self-consumed, miserable wretches.  They aren’t even really happy for Wyatt—Wyatt gives Torch a hug, and Johnny whines that the hug hurts his back.

Truly, the team seems like a bunch of tools.

Also, Medusa has taken Susan’s place on the team.

Meanwhile, Alicia looks like she’s getting ready to walk out on Ben for the same reason Sue left Reed.


…And back at the ranch, Franklin Richards is making things float again.

If you were to have first jumped into this book with these issues, you wouldn’t have stuck around.

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