Spider-Man #6-7 (1991)

Demigoblin returns, but now he’s really nuts—kidnapping a woman and her child, trying to exorcise their demons, killing mom, and taking the kid (who of course is named Adam) as his ward.

This kinda religious thing draws the attention of Ghost Rider.  Now this version of Ghost Rider isn’t a killer, but Spider-Man assumes he is, so the fight ends up being Ghost Rider versus Demigoblin, with Spidey trying to protect the kid and keep Rider from killing Hobby.

Spidey wins in the end, DG is caught, Adam is safe, and Ghost Rider skulks away because he wasn’t done beating on Demigoblin.

Yes, that’s two issues worth of comics.  There’s pages and pages of monologue that never really deliver a pay-off, but the art is good.

Creator: Todd McFarlane
Grade: C-

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