GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #1-11 (1990): Quest for the Shield/World of Mutants

Jim Valentino is the writer/artist of this mediocre book that, frankly, I’m not sure is canon.  I mean, Vance Astro is a canonical character as a member of the New Warriors, and Firelord certainly is as well, but these are stories that take place in the future and so many futures later become “possible futures” or erased entirely, so I’ll move quickly through the summaries here.

Plus, it’s not shocking to anyone that these are just not that good.  I kept hoping each issue would be different, but my reaction was always the same when I read them.

This story served to re-introduce the original Guardians line-up…

…and establish an alliance with former Galactus’ herald Firelord.

There’s a villainous race of armored aliens called Stark…

And a villain called Taserface.

OK, that’s kinda silly/c00l.  These issues don’t suck, they’re just subpar.  If you’re a big fan of the team or of Marvel’s space stories, you’ll probably like these well enough.

The story shows them searching for and finding the original adamantium shield used by Captain America.

Then, issue #7 introduces Malevolence, who is basically the 31st Century’s M3phisto.  She becomes a recurring villain for the group.  Issues #7-11, loosely, are the “world of mutants” arc.

Only #9-11 are cover-billed as the World of Mutants story, but #7 and 8 involve travel to the world of mutants, so I’m including them.

I’ll do another “group summary” of multiple issues in another post, after I’ve read more.

Creator: Jim Valentino
Grade: C-

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