Hulk #136-137 (1971):Klaatu

You all know about Klaatu, right?  The enemy aliens in the 1960s sci fi classic The Day The Earth Stood still?  The Beatles album from 1966, recorded under a pseudonym?  Jabba the Hutt’s henchman gambler?  And, of course, this guy.

He’s an alien energy entity that’s being hunted by Xeron who, for some reason, has hired Abomination to be the first mate on his intergalactic spaceship.  (Remember, A-bomb was being held in a space prison by The Stranger, back in Thor #178.

After the obligatory battle, Xeron hires Hulk as well, and Hulk has a good time living on a spaceship full of weird green aliens.

Eventually, the spaceship gets into a fight with Klaatu and Hulk and Abomination fall from space back to Earth.

The interstellar characters are revived by Bill Mantlo in 1985 (Hulk #306-307), but other than that we never see them again.

Creators: Roy Thomas and Herb Trimpe
Grade: C-

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