Hulk #128 (1970)

My guess is, Stan thought he’d had enough with the D-listers in Hulk and wanted to move some product, so he fights the Avengers (again).  It continues directly from last issue, which took place underground.  Hulk is still roaming tunnels, but he’s getting close the San Andreas faultline so The Avengers have to stop him.  There’s a funny scene, above, when General Ross literally does a spit take (spitting out his cigar) at the motley crew who shows up.  And who can blame him?  If Thor and Iron Man have trouble with Hulk, how is this group going to stand up to him?

Answer: They won’t.  Hulk gets away.  But at least they do save the faultline.

Something bizarre though: Remember in Avengers #76, when Scarlet Witch teamed up with Arkon to get her powers back?  Well, this is the first time she uses them again.  Not sure why this happened here and not in The Avengers.

Creators: Roy Thomas and Herb Trimpe.
Grade: C+.  Slightly above average because it’s always fun to see Avengers.

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