THE HULK #122-123 (1969-1970)

The FF guest star, which means another Thing vs. Hulk fight.

Guess who wins?

Reed Richards figures out how to give Banner the power to choose to turn into the Hulk.

I’d say this is an important episode in the evolution of the Hulk, but his ability to control the transformation seems to always come and go.  In fact, he already got this ability once before, in Tales to Astonish #70.  This time, his control gives him the balls to ask his girl to marry him.  But it turns out, she’s got powers–she’s a psychic.

Kidding of course.  Anyhow, he loses the ability in the very next issue, as a result of The Leader getting involved.

Creators: Roy Thomas, Herbe Trimpe
Grade: C+

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