This book is still really not worth your time.  Or mine.  But to hit the highlights: In issue #92, Loki magnetically attracts Thor’s hammer to break him free from some chains.  This isn’t technically “lifting” his hammer, but it’s close.

Then, in #93, it’s the first appearance of Radioactive Man.  His origin is, obviously, radioactive experiments–but he’s a scientist who experimented on himself.

It’s not a bad issue.

Also: Bondage!

Plots: All Stan Lee.
Scripts: Lieber (#90-91), Berenstein (#92-96)
Art: Hartley (#90), Sinnot (#91, 92, 94-96), Kirby (#93)
First appearance: Radioactive Man (#93), Surtur and the Lava Men (#97)
Grade: F

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