JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY #98-100 (1963-1964)

We all know the iconic splash page starring Kitty Pryde that says “Professor Xavier is a JERK!” but did you know Thor went one farther than that?  This issue starts with him throwing a tantrum and beating the crap out of one of Don Blake’s filing cabinets.  It’s all because Odin won’t let him date Jane Foster.  “Odin is a JERK!”

In #98, Thor fights Cobra, a green-clad dude with hyperagility who was bitten by a radioactive cobra.  Then, in #99-100, we meet Mister Hyde for the first time. 

It’s the first two-part Thor story.

I grouped these together because, very soon, Cobra and Hyde will team up in JiM #110.

Creators: Stan Lee and Don Heck

First appearances: Cobra (#98), Mister Hyde (#99)

Grade: C+


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