MARVEL TEAM-UP #2-4 (1972): Human Torch and The X-Men

Trust me, this book gets a lot better. But for the first three issues, we get “Spider-Man and Human Torch.”  There’s some nice bromance opportunities…

…But on the whole, it’s a pretty by-the-numbers set of issues.  In #2, the duo take on the Frightful Four.  Only Medusa’s not with them anymore, so there’s only three of them.  They break into the Baxter Building and Wizard tries to open the Negative Zone, and get into a conflict with Annihilus.

The third issue is versus Morbius, who is never fun, and it continues in #4 where the X-Men (minus Beast) help Spidey defeat the living vampire.

The X-Men still don’t have a home–their own book is still running reprints–so Marvel is trying to figure out if they’re worth reinvesting in.

Trust me, they are.

Creators: Gerry Conway and Ross Andru
Grade: D

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