Thor #371-372 (1986): 1st Justice Peace and Time Variance Authority

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Now that he’s been saved from the clutches of evil sirens, Balder can return to Asgard and take the throne.

Meanwhile, on Midgard, some old Thor foes like Zaniac (from the Lee/Kirby days and not worth tagging) are returning and a new antihero debuts: Justice Peace.

He’s been hired by the Time Variance Authority (also debuting here) to stop guys who f-up the time stream.

From the name, you’d think he’s like Judge Dredd, but instead of killing lawbreakers he has a weapon that forces them to comply with the law.  He and Thor take down Zaniac.

In the course of the tale, Zaniac kills Jane Foster (who is now pregnant with a mortal’s child).  Killing a pregnant woman is pretty extreme, but the TVA authorizes Justice Peace to time travel so he and Thor go back and “undo” the death.  Pretty cliché, pretty stupid.

I love Walt Simonson’s Thor run, but this is a low point for it.  It’s still pretty good comics, but nowhere near the heights we’ve seen in earlier issues.

Also, during the last arc it really looked like Sif was going to go to space with Beta Ray Bill, but in this arc Bill actually leaves and she does not go with him.

Creators: Walt Simonson, Sal Buscema
Grade: C+

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