HERCULES: PRINCE OF POWER VOL. 1 #4 (1982): Not Just Another Galactus Story

Bob Layton’s Hercules was the first time the character had any real appeal other than being a lesser version of Thor. In the final issue of his 4-issue miniseries, Hercules takes on Galactus.

After traveling across the galaxy to find the best alcoholic beverage in the universe, Hercules finds out that the snail-like creators of the elixir are going to be eaten by the big G.  Because his herald (and Johnny Storm’s ex-girlfriend) Frankie Raye, doesn’t like snails.

After fighting Frankie, Herc meets up with Galactus, who takes off his helmet and agrees to share a drink with the Demigod.

We see Hercules pull a switcheroo, pouring all of the powerful alcoholic liquid into Galactus’ drink, and Bob Layton leads us to believe that Herc’s trick is working–Galactus is getting drunk and sleepy!

But it doesn’t work because Galactus is too powerful to get drunk.  He was just messing with Herc.

Still, in the end, Galactus was amused enough to spare the planet, so Herc ends his miniseries being a hero!

Creator: Bob Layton
Grade: A

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