A Gargoyle story!  He returns to his hometown, where he lived before he was turned into a monster, where we learn that his demon self came from a “race” of angels who travelled space and then committed “racial suicide” by crashing into Earth, after which they emerged as a collective “unconsciousness” known as Null.  Naturally, the team gets together and fights Null.

Also, Hellcat destroys Devil-Slayer’s shadow cloak by folding it up so that it swallows itself.  Remember, he gave her the cloak, but apparently she isn’t interested in being able to teleport.  After a young boy finds her cloak and gets (literally) lost in it, Patsy decides it’s too dangerous to keep around.  Just lock it in a closet!  You can fucking teleport with it!!!

Creators: J.M. DeMatteis and Don Perlin
Grade: C
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