G.O.A.T.: MAPS by Yeah Yeah Yeahs (2004)

If I were putting together a top 10 list of every song I’ve ever heard (and I kind of am with these GOAT posts), Maps would be a strong contender.  The song—especially the remarkable cover by Arcade Fire—always chokes me up, no matter how often I hear that simple refrain: “Wait…They don’t love you like I love you.”  Anyone whose lost someone to another has felt this way.
Karen O’s band would go on to do some very good rock stuff, before becoming extremely mainstreamed by their record label deal and losing a lot of what made them special.

Further listening: Gold Lion, Cheated Hearts, Y Control

Covers: I’ll lead with Arcade Fire.  There’s lots of good versions of this, in particular the Ted Leo mash-up, but AF’s is the definitive one.  They did to this song what Aretha did with her cover of Respect.

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