Dazzler #13 (1982)

This issue is ridiculous, but I liked it because it’s an exercise in one of my favorite genres: Women’s Prison.

Dazzler is sent to Rykers’ Island on a murder charge for killing Klaw (she didn’t do it), and we see her sleeping on a prison bed in a full bottoms-and-top red prison pajama set.  Then, she’s yanked out of bed by the trustees, who happen to be the female wrestlers-turned-villains The Grapplers, who apparently are allowed to serve their time in full costume.

Despite the fact that they have boots and (presumably) padded or armored costumes, Dazz beats them in just her jammies.

And becomes queen of the women’s prison.

Also, it’s worth noting that in the top panel, her top is a full shirt, but when she springs into battle it turns into a belly-shirt.

As for her murder charge, she beats it.

But still feels bad because Klaw “died.”

And despite the fact that there are several courtroom pages, there’s no appearance by Matt Murdock or Foggy Nelson.

Creators: Danny Fingeroth and Frank Springer
Grade: C

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