Marvel Team-Up #69-70 (1978): Havok and Thor

In these two issues, x-couple Havok and Polaris, then Thor, team up with Spidey to fight the Living Pharaoh, a villain who I’ve never found all that interesting.

I don’t know why Havok gets title billing, rather than Polaris, but I chalk it up to sexism.

Near the end of #69, Pharoah transforms into Living Monolith.

Anyway, it also features Beast, who makes a brief appearance by trying to help but gets sidetracked into the main X-Men comic book plotline against Mesmero.

Anyway, John Byrne gets to draw Havok and his powers are always cool to see on the page.  By the next issue, Pharoah has turned into Living Monolith and Thor arrives to help.

He doesn’t exercise his weather powers very often.  Seems like something he should be doing a lot.

Like I said, great art.  The story is pretty good, although Spider-Man is almost unnecessary to the whole deal.

The last page announces John and Chris’ departure from MTU.

Creators: Chris Claremont and John Byrne
Grade: C+
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