Web of Spider-Man #36 (1988): 1st Tombstone!

Tombstone appears for a few panels, for the first time.  His plotline will simmer. In these panels, he’s stalking Rayburn, a latent psychic that The Arranger eventually turns into a costumed villain named Persuader.

There’s also a brief interlude developing the “new Tarantula” storyline, but it’s pretty unnecessary.  Their two stories will ultimately intersect in a few issues of Spectacular Spider-Man.

The nerd Peter Parker tried to protect from bullies last issue, who then revived The Living Brain robot, builds an exoskeleton and attacks Parker for humiliating him by trying to protect him.  MJ doesn’t like it when he’s joke-y with the enemy.

I mean, I’m oversimplifying a tad, but that’s basically his motivation for attempted murder.

Creators: Gerry Conway and Alex Saviuk
Grade: D

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