Web of Spider-Man #64-65 (1990): Acts of Vengeance

This is a late addition to the Acts of Vengeance event, as you can see from the tag on the cover.  Spider-Man fought all these guys when he was Captain Universe during that event, now he fights them again as Spider-Man.

Chameleon is ultimately responsible—he hires the group to kill Spidey as part of his effort to become a crime lord.

$100,000 each?  Seems low.

What ends up happening is they all attack Kingpin instead, and Spider-Man rescues Kingpin, which delights Chameleon.  And then Cham betrays them anyway.

There’s also a few panels showing that Green Goblin is back—he’ll be the next villain.

Also the Web-Zingers page prints two letters from “Fish.”

And then a wise-ass response.

I miss the days when letter pages represented real interaction with fans!

Creators: Gerry Conway, Alex Saviuk
Grade: C

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1990, thanos, Drax the Destroyer, Mentor, Silver Surfer, Starfox

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