Peter Parker the Spectacular Spider-Man #56 (1981)

Editor in Chief Jim Shooter decides to draw this issue.  Interesting.  And he doesn’t do a bad job.  Shooter was at the time trying to pattern all Marvel books after how Stan Lee did them, and this closing panel certainly looks like a Lee/Ditko one.

Jack O’Lantern takes over a hospital that treats civilian and criminal patients, and Aunt May’s fiancé Nathan Lubensky is a patient there, so Spidey springs into action.  I always thought this was Jack’s first appearance, until I started this project and read Machine Man #19.

Anyway, Jack will later evolve into Hobgoblin—the greatest “who is he” mystery in the history of marvel—in the pages of Amazing Spider-Man, also written by the great Roger Stern, so this issue kind of the root of it. Or, at least, it’s when Stern starting writing this character.

Creators: Roger Stern and Jim Shooter on pencils
Grade: C+

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