Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man #130 (1987)

The last of the fill-in done-in-ones before the epic “Kraven’s Last Hunt” saga, one of the best adventures from Spider-Man’s “dark” period.

Hobgoblin knows Harry Osborne is always rescued by Spider-Man (he’s kind of like Jimmy Olsen is to Superman), so he kidnaps Osborne to blackmain Spidey into helping him steal Kingpin’s ledger, so that Hobgoblin can then sell it back to Kingpin and look like a hero to the crimelord.

Obviously this is an “old” story because Hobgoblin is dead now, unless this is Jack O’ Lantern posing as him again.  It’s not clear to me which is the case, so I tagged both.

And…MJ has good musical taste…

Creators: Bob Layton, Jim Ferm
Grade: C- for story, D+ for art

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