FANTASTIC FOUR #16-17: Brush My Teeth and Call Me Smiley (1963)

The first FF two-parter! First of all, Thing invents a new saying that I really wish had caught on. “Brush my teeth and call me smiley!” I think I’ll start using it.

Second of all, Doctor Doom introduces us all to “The Micro-World,” a very early precursor to the Microverse. They call on Ant-Man for help to deal with Doom’s shrinking technology.

JFK’s hairIn any event, Thing genuinely falls down a hole. Up to now, he’s busted up through a floor—this falling down a hole is more of what will continue to happen to him. It’s a running gag.  Or a falling gag, to be more precise.

There was also a weird concept about Sue being vulnerable to dogs, so she douses herself with perfume.  But wouldn’t EVERYONE be able to smell the perfume?

Also: A cameo!  JFK’s hair!

Creators: Lee/Ditko
First appearances: None

Grade: B+

For the complete history of the MU, year by year, go here.

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